【英語】 悪い言葉など、⛄長期投資法として米国株&債券 (米国債) によるインカムゲインを重視し、再投資を含む複利運用を目指します⛄

【英語】 悪い言葉

offensive language 攻撃的な言葉

bleep out offensive language

use foul language 汚い[下品な]言葉を使う, 《コ》記号化け
≒ use profane or inappropriate and unacceptable words
≒ use immoral or scandalous words
use filthy language
use scurrilous language
use bad language


a swear

swear words (c***, p**** and f***)
= curse words, bad words

use insulting or obscene language

Profanity is socially offensive language.

run off a string of curses

hear strings of slurs and profanities


After the presenter used foul language on the children's show, the TV station received a deluge of complaints from angry viewers.

My father, a milkman, gone for long hours each day, knowing from his own childhood what street profanities were like, forbade such language in our house and told my mother to send me to my bedroom if I transgressed.
One day I forgot myself and uncharacteristically ran off a string of curses at my older brother; and so, deservedly punished, I was kept in my room for a week. It being summer, I could see my friends playing outside and hear waves break, the ocean being a block away. I learned my lesson. My language at home, thereafter, was as clean as clean could be.

Trump’s foul language is an embarrassment to America.
What an embarrassment to our country at home and on the world’s stage; a terrible role model to our children; a man who seemingly never learned how to moderate his temper or his language.






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