さらに株価が下がりましたね。Another dip in the stock market, so what?など、⛄長期投資法として米国株&債券 (米国債) によるインカムゲインを重視し、再投資を含む複利運用を目指します⛄

さらに株価が下がりましたね。Another dip in the stock market, so what?

We saw another dip in the stock market.

I am surprized, astonished and staggered by this, but, short of being flabbergasted or dumbfounded, because yet another plummet would be waiting for us.

I am confident about my investing thesis for the following three reasons.

Firstly, however hard the market will be hit, the real economy will continue on and on. In light of this, American and world economy will ride out the coming recession and record a new high in the long run.

Secondly, even in the downturn I will be rolling in dividends, interests and distributions in the coming decade as long as companies and treasuries remains profitable on the whole. These passive income will be reinvested in other lucrative stocks and keep on snowballing year after year.

Thirdly, I am now in the accumulation phase of creating my decent nest egg. Thus, future market downturn is a boon to my investing career for more than a decade or two. Moreover, in order to staying in the market and sleep well at night, I am in the way of reorganizing my portfolio to lessen the dependency on individual stocks and employing more ETFs.

In conclusion, for the above-mentioned three reasons, sturdy and profitable US and world markets on the whole, reinvestment of passive income and creating favorable opportunities for my wealth accumulation, I am relaxed to continue investing forever.

Happy investing!







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